How to Increase Testosterone Levels

Each man has their own levels of testosterone and nature has it that it falls as our age increases. And testosterone levels can get low further due to the environment that we are living in which is polluted and full of harmful substances circulating around. Low levels of testosterone are not as good as it can affect your health (and your manhood) for a long term. So read on to find out how to increase testosterone levels.

Testosterone is a steroid – type of hormone in our body and no, it is not just the men that have this kind of hormone. Testosterone primarily comes from the testes in males and ovaries in females and principally, it is a male sex hormone.

Testosterone is the main factor in developing male reproductive tissues and also promoting characteristic (in a sexual context) such as increasing bone and muscle mass (a significant trait among men) as well as hair growth. Testosterone is also vital in preventing you from getting osteoporosis. Testosterone levels are varied from men to men and it’s up to our brain to control the amount of testosterone in our body naturally.

Symptoms of low levels of testosterone can be:

  • Decreasing bone and muscle mass
  • Low levels of sex drive, reduced the size of testicles and sperm count, which can lead to impotence and to infertility
  • Opposite to the decrease in men traits, an increase in female traits such as an increase in breast size and a reduced amount of body and facial hair
  • Signs of depression, poor concentration, and poor memory due to an imbalance of hormones
  • Signs of osteoporosis such as brittle bones that can lead to bone fracture

If these symptoms occur to you, it is important that you check your testosterone levels immediately by your doctor. Your doctor most probably recommends you conventional treatments such as testosterone patch to replace the lost amount of testosterone.

You can also take this problem with your own hands. Simply by eating enough and don’t do any calorie counting as low-calorie diets are related to low testosterone levels. Have a lot of protein in your diet from poultry, fish, and beef. While we are on protein, make protein shakes and drink it right after you end your workout session. That said, working out also is important in increasing testosterone and maintaining your testosterone levels.

Avoid unhealthy lifestyle such as lack of regular physical activity and consuming a lot of fat, processed foods, and alcohol and keep on increasing your testosterone levels for your manhood. A beer belly is not a flattering look!